Henna Art

Henna has been around for over 7,000 years, a symbol not only of love but an essential part of Eastern culture. Henna is a safe, natural dye made from the leaves of the henna plant. The leaves are dried and powdered, mixed into a paste; then used to apply beautiful designs onto the skin. These can last up 2 weeks on the skin.

Fareha not only has the experience, but the passion and knowledge when it comes to mehndi. She uses the best henna powders from around the world which are specially sourced for their superb staining qualities to give you a beautiful rich blackberry stain. You know the old saying 'The darker the mehndi the more your mother-in-law will love you!'

Fareha Ahmad specialises in Indian and Arabic bridal designs. Her work is very unique and fine, the colour is absolutely amazingly dark because she uses only the finest Henna.


Free one hour consultation with Fareha to view portfolio of recent work, look at various styles of henna and discuss any design ideas. Timings and pricing will also be discussed to ensure a smooth and enjoyable henna experience for a bride-to-be or just for a that special occassion.

Fareha guarantees:

  • That the henna will be of the highest quality
  • The henna paste will contain only 100% natural henna powder
  • Paste will be freshly mixed by Fareha herself two days before the event
  • NO chemical dyes, preservatives or additives are ever used
  • Special safe paste is used for children and pregnant clients
  • Full aftercare advise will be given

It will be Fareha herself that turns up for the booking and NOT another artist.

Henna Packages

To help you decide which bridal package is the most suitable for your mehndi needs, here are a few options. All packages include fresh safe mehndi made by Fareha herself for each bride, full aftercare advice and a free aftercare balm.

Standard Henna Packages

Brides with civil ceremony and/or contemporary wedding, a style for western bridal look, where less is more. Brides can choose from a ran designs that are semi heavy on the palm, back of the hand and simple on the feet.

Bronze Henna Packages

Brides having western civil ceremony & traditional reception. Hands (palms & back) and feet. A style created for a more sophisticated look, palms for full bridal look, with Henna 2-3 inches into arms from palm, then a light bail/pattern going from the index finger up the arms and on the feet.

Gold Henna Packages

Brides having a civil ceremony, Traditional wedding and Reception. Style created for the traditional bride, with intricate henna for full brida and back) and feet. Henna done right up to the elbow both sides of hand. Then full henna on feet and up the legs bellow the knee.

Henna bridal party packages for all your special guest and friends are also available, individual prices start from as little as $5-$10 per des book per hour rate. We have 100's of designs that you can choose from for all budgets. please book a personal consultation to go through this more thoroughly.

Henna Stain Results

Ideally henna should be applied 2 days before the wedding/event to ensure the best possible stain. Once the henna has been applied, it needs to remain on the skin for at least 8/10 hours and then gently removed. The stain will initially be bright orange but will deepen to a beautiful deep mahogany colour over 48 hours with the correct aftercare.

*The exact stain will vary from person to person depending on where on the body it was applied and how long it was kept on the skin.


Please note that henna needs approx 48hrs for the colour to develop so book your henna appointment two days before the wedding or event.

Henna stains will vary from person to person and where on the body it was applied. The stain will start off bright orange and then deepen over 48 hours.

Ensure that your waxing, manicure and pedicure are done before the henna application

Always make sure your henna artist uses freshly made henna paste and NOT ready made cones which are often full of chemicals and produce poor stain results

Hand lotions, not leaving the henna paste on long enough; excessive washing as well as stress may all cause the henna to stain a lighter colour.

Henna Parties

Henna Parties can either be booked by the hour with a minimum of a 2 hour booking or the henna artist can charge per design/ hand with a minimum of 10 people attending the party.

Intricate henna designs are piped freehand onto the skin with freshly made henna.

Free glitter can also be added over the henna for that extra special Wow factor.

Glitter Art is ideal for guests not wanting real henna and also for children to add that extra dazzle.

All you need to provide is a table, 2 chairs and good lighting.

Other Mehndi Services

Available for Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events, Eid, Diwali, Karva Chouth, Bar Mitzvah, Chaand Raat, Schools, Pamper Evenings, Birthday Party, Fun Fairs, School Fairs & Events, Belly Mehndi at Belly Blessings or Baby Shower Ceremony, Hen Nights, Charity Events.

Glitter Body Paint / Swarovski Crystals

Funky and unique for parties, proms, fashion shows and weddings. Available in many colours. Crystal body diamonte's are used to glamorize the freestyle Henna design.